Gentle Winter Cleanse with Liz Vequist

Nourish your Body ~ Jumpstart Healthy New Habits ~ Lose Weight

Let's Survive Thrive this Winter!

Gently reset your body to healthier eating after Holiday indulgences.

Gentle Winter Cleanse - what does that mean? Winter isn't the ideal time of year for juice fasts, crash diets or extreme cleansing. It's important to keep your body warm and nourished. We'll take out the sugar, dairy and processed food, but you can still drink coffee and tea if you wish.

The menu will be Winter appropriate - think delicious immune-boosting soups and bone broth (optional), easy-to-digest bean dishes, roasted vegetables and squashes. Plus a whole lot of nourishing Self-care. We'll even try to avoid detox headaches by leaving caffeine in (if that's an issue for you!).

The Gentle Winter Cleanse will nourish and prepare your body and immune system to Thrive this Winter with a seasonal menu of easy to prepare delicious foods (this is no fast!).

Gentle Winter Cleanse Food Pictures

The food involved in this cleanse was so good and nourishing that after the 5 days were up, I found myself actually turned off of sugary treats and instead craving roasted root vegetables! Liz is very knowledgeable and was very supportive throughout the cleanse.

Nancy McLinskey, M.D.

Experience the Benefits of Cleansing

  • Lose Weight
  • Reduce Cravings
  • Increase Energy
  • Improve Digestion
  • Jumpstart Healthier Eating Habits
  • Glowing Skin and Bright Eyes
  • Clearer Sinuses and Allergy Relief
  • Release attachments to Sugar and Dairy

Why Cleanse?

Cleansing is an opportunity to Jumpstart Healthy New Habits.

Hit the reset button and get a fresh perspective on your food choices. Easily release unhealthy habits that aren't working for you. Explore new delicious recipes and food choices. Make yourself a priority and love yourself up.

Maria Rose, Environmental Engineer, Watertown, MA

The Gentle Winter Cleanse was just what I needed after many parties and food and drink indulgences over the holidays. It was not difficult and after only 5 days, my belly was noticeably flatter, my skin brighter and I was a few pounds lighter.

Maria Rose, Environmental Engineer, Watertown, MA

This Cleanse is designed for your Busy Active Lifestyle

Always wanted to try a Cleanse or Juice Fast, but worried you'll be hungry and exhausted?

This is not a juice fast! You can work, take care of your kids and even work out while safely cleansing your body. Experience the benefits of cleansing without hunger or deprivation. You'll be eating real whole foods on this cleanse!

Liz VequistHi, I’m Liz. Seasonal Cleansing is my Secret Weapon to easily maintain my ideal weight without dieting or deprivation (you wouldn’t know it but I used to be 25 pounds heavier!). Cleansing has also helped me reduce food addictions, emotional eating and seasonal allergies.

I look forward to changing my diet each season with a cleanse because I look and feel better… and naturally get in sync with the new season.

I’ve led seasonal cleanse groups for the last eight years. I’ve led 100’s of men and women through the cleansing process. Each time I lead a cleanse I am blown away at the transformation that happens in just 5 days.

What I love – the benefits last way beyond 5 days. Years later, I hear stories from cleansers of weight loss and food addictions that disappeared - for good.

Amanda Giles IT Consultant Barrington, NH

I tend to get stuck in certain eating patterns and I find cleansing is a great way to break those patterns and try something new. I always come out the other side feeling very energized by it and inspired to mix things up. I've cleansed several times now with Liz and each time I've felt incredibly supported by the wealth of information she provides to guide you through the cleanse.

Amanda Giles IT Consultant Barrington, NH

What's on the Cleanse Menu?

Delicious healthy whole foods. Immune-boosting soups (including optional bone broths!). Baked and roasted vegetables and squashes. Whole grains. Easy-to-digest one-pot meals such as Congee and Kitchari. Enough protein and healthy fats to keep you warm and satiated. Plus healthy snacks to allay any hunger pangs.

All recipes are simple, easy to make and use fresh ingredients that you can get at any grocery store. There will be a variety of recipes for different tastes and cooking talents.

I have dietary restrictions... can I do this Cleanse?
This cleanse is primarily vegan* and gluten-free. Lots of options are included and the cleanse can be easily adjusted for almost any dietary requirement. I am happy to help you modify for your dietary needs (just ask me!).

*This particular cleanse has a bone broth option which is optional. Vegan bone broth recipe also included (no bones!).

Gabrielle Fisher, Senior Project Manager, NYC

The winter cleanse is a nice way to get off sugar, especially after the holidays. The recipes are filling and warm, and since many of these are one-pot meals, they were easy to prepare and use during the week. The self-care piece helped to reinforce habits around taking time for yourself, which was very valuable as well.

Gabrielle Fisher, Senior Project Manager, NYC

Anyone can do this cleanse successfully...

Whether it's your 1st or 10th cleanse with me! Meal plan, recipes and shopping lists are all included in the workbook. The preparatory teleclass will answer all of your questions.

The food is inexpensive and easy to prepare. No expensive supplements or powders are needed.

Everything that you need to have a successful cleanse experience is included!
Full support before, during and after the cleanse will be provided through a private Facebook group for a total of 15 days of support. Support is crucial for a fun and successful cleanse. Don't worry, we've got you covered!

This was my first experience with an instructor and a guided cleanse in a group. I have to say it was a big win for me. Liz Vequist is a true professional; she knows her business well. Plus she has a realistic view of healthy eating and living overall. She shared many of her experiences and tips which were achievable for anyone focusing on a healthier lifestyle.

Lisa Macero, Project Manager, Watertown, MA

The 5 Day Gentle Winter Cleanse is for you if you’re ready to…

  • Release those extra 5 pounds after the Holidays (ahem).
  • Support your Immune System.
  • Supercharge your energy and productivity.
  • Get off the sugar, bread and pasta rollercoaster.
  • Look radiantly healthy with bright eyes and clear glowing skin.

Everything you need to Successfully Complete this Cleanse is included...

Meal plan, Recipes, Shopping list, Daily Inspiration. Lots of Support through the Private Facebook group plus the Radical Self-care Guide.

You'll be part of a special community of cleansers who will encourage, motivate and support you through the tough parts. Cleansing with a group is not only easier, it's way more fun!

After the 5 day cleanse, there will be a 7 Day Self-care Challenge (with a prize!) that will help you continue the Self-care habits you learned in the cleanse as you begin eating your normal (but healthier!) diet again.

This Cleanse is Virtual... You can do it from Anywhere!

You can take part from anywhere in the world (and people do!). You'll be set up for success with a preparatory teleseminar, plenty of opportunity to ask questions and share your experiences in the private Facebook forum plus a second teleseminar to help you easily transition back to your regular (but healthier!) diet.

Belinda, Cambridge MA

The cleanse helped me reset after holiday indulgences. Not only to get off sugar and clean up my diet, but I came away with a much more positive attitude about life in general. Thank you Liz!

Belinda, Cambridge MA

You’ve got Questions (and I’ve got Answers!)

  • q-iconWant to start on Sunday, Tuesday or even Wednesday instead of Monday?

    No problem! Some people start a day earlier or a day or two later and everyone will have support from myself and the group the whole time.

  • q-iconCan I really cleanse in just 5 days?

    This cleanse is designed to give you maximum benefits in a short time-frame. This cleanse works and and is designed to fit your busy lifestyle. You can always extend the cleanse if that feels right for you.

  • q-iconI'm really busy! I have a family and job - will I really be able to do this?

    Yes! You will be provided with kitchen shortcuts and time-saving tools that will save you time in the kitchen for years to come.

  • q-iconI've never done a cleanse before! I'm not sure if I can do it.

    If you’ve never done a cleanse before, you will appreciate my expert leadership and guidance – I’ve led 100’s of cleansers successfully through their first cleanse. You can do it!

  • q-iconWill I have to be near a bathroom the whole time?

    No! This cleanse is designed for the busy person on the go. Your digestion may be different than normal (since you’ll be eating different foods!). Don’t worry, emergency bathroom trips are not part of this cleanse :).

  • q-iconCan't I just do this on my own?

    Of course you can… but will you? By providing you with set dates, a meal plan, recipes, my expert guidance and group support you are set up to succeed. Plus it’s a lot more fun to cleanse with a group!

This was my first time doing the winter cleanse. In spite of being nervous about my ability to go through with it at the beginning, it all went very well. The recipes were delicious and easy. The support from Liz and from the other members was very touching, nurturing, accepting and encouraging. The Facebook group experience was wonderful, in spite of my not being big on posting.

I highly recommend this cleanse to anyone who wants to work on eating healthier and improving self care habits. 

Marianne Kardos

Yes, I'm in!
Tell me all the Details...

15 Days of Support!

1st Teleclass: Thurs. January 17 – 8pm ET/ 5pm PT*

Cleanse: Monday January 21 – Friday January 25

2nd Teleclass: Thurs. January 24 – 8pm ET / 5pm PT*

Bonus 7 Day Self-care Challenge: Jan 26 - Feb 1

  • Two 1-hour Teleseminars

    The first call will prepare you for the cleanse and answer any questions that you have about the cleanse. The second call will help you safely transition out of the cleanse as well as assist you in how to eat healthier after the cleanse. *Both calls will be recorded, so if you have a conflict you can still participate. (Value – $197)

  • Gentle Winter Cleanse Workbook

    Everything you need to know to complete the cleanse successfully! Complete cleanse instructions, Meal plan, Recipes, Dietary options and Shopping list. (Value – $47)

  • Radical Self-care Guide

    Nurture and pamper yourself while cleansing. Cleansing is a great excuse to make yourself a priority and take extra good care of yourself. The Radical Self-care guide is full of fun ways to nurture and pamper yourself to glowing goodness. (Value – $27)

  • Online Private Facebook Forum

    Motivation and support throughout the cleanse from myself and a community of other cleansers. You will have full support during the cleanse – many people report that this is what they love most about the cleanse! It is also the #1 reason people repeat cleanses with me year after year. (Value – priceless!)

  • Bonus! 7 Day Self-care Challenge

    Get in the habit of nourishing your body and taking awesome care of yourself after the cleanse ends. Continue treating yourself with Self-care for 7 days after the cleanse (January 26-February 1). Plus! One lucky person who completes the Challenge will win a prize. (Value – $50)

  • Bonus! Yoga Videos

    10 and 20 minute Guided Yoga Videos with poses specifically designed to support and enhance your body’s natural detoxification process.

    Yoga for Anyone Videos – created for non-yogis, less mobile or injured.

    Plus Restorative Yoga Video (for when you just want to relax…).

Katie Hazard, Project Manager, Burning Man, San Francisco

I've done 11 cleanses with Liz over the past 4 years - obviously I'm a big fan! The cleanse itself is a great chance to try new healthy recipes and pay more attention to taking care of myself, and I love how I've learned to incorporate so many new healthy habits into my daily life after cleansing. And the group support is fantastic! I always feel so much healthier and better about myself after a cleanse with Liz. Thank you!

Katie Hazard, Project Manager, Burning Man, San Francisco

The total value of this program is over $300,

Your Investment - Only $127!

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Sign up Now! 1st Teleclass is in...

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you aren’t absolutely thrilled with the cleanse workbook and first teleclass, just let me know within 48 hours after the first teleclass*. Shoot me an email with “Refund” in the subject and I’ll refund your investment no questions asked (minus a $5 processing fee).
*This guarantee expires at midnight on January 19, 2019.

Rhea, Cambridge, MA

I've been cleansing with Liz for the last several years and really enjoy how her cleanses make me feel. They are a wonderful way to reset and recharge. The expectations are reasonable and the program is never extreme and the add-ons (yoga and meditation, reminders of self-care) make it about more than just healthier eating.

The Facebook group is a wonderful source of support and Liz really makes me feel like I can handle anything I encounter through each cleanse. I also like that I carry mindfulness about how my family is eating after each cleanse and there are great suggestions from Liz and other cleansers about how to continue eating healthier and take better care of ourselves. I have recommended to many friends and will again.

Rhea, Cambridge, MA

Liz VequistAbout  Liz Vequist

Liz loves helping women and men look and feel their best through Seasonal Cleansing and Holistic Weight Loss programs.

Liz has been in the health and wellness field for over 15 years and has founded three wellness businesses in the Cambridge area. Liz's current business is Liz Vequist @ O2 Yoga in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Liz's former businesses are Watertown Holistic Health and Harvard Square Shiatsu.

In her spare time Liz likes to cycle, dance, swim and is a bit of a foodie – both in and out of her own kitchen.

Have questions? Want to know whether this cleanse is right for you? Let's talk! 617-216-9815. 

Want to know more about Liz? Click here: About Liz Vequist