Are you ready to Step off the Scale and Lose Weight without Dieting or Deprivation?

Slim, Fit and Sexy isn't a number on the Scale... or the Size of your Skinny Jeans.

It's about Feeling Strong, Confident and in Control.

Eat Delicious Food + Have Fun Moving your Body.

Get the Support + Accountability to reach your Weight Loss Goals.

Unleash your Slim, Fit and Sexy Self in 6 Weeks - You can do it!

Amy, Cape Cod, MA - Lost 9 pounds, down a Size

I've never lost this much weight so easily and without feeling deprived or starved. Really! Plus I now have a whole new arsenal of food that keeps me full AND fit!

Amy, Cape Cod, MA - Lost 9 pounds, down a Size

If you're like most women I know... You want to eat right, get in shape and Love how you Look.

You know what you need to do but you're frustrated (how many diets have you been on?). Whether you're ready to lose your first 10 pounds or working on the final 10... the built-in support and accountability of this program will give you the tools you need to reach your goals.

It’s not just vanity - you’re sick of that uncomfortable feeling around your waistline after you eat, none of your clothes fit right and you wish you had more energy. You’re concerned that your weight could be affecting your relationship, your career and your health.

Of course you want to look good – Dreading the dressing room mirror and hating how you look in photos sucks. Never mind turning the lights off before you get undressed (how sexy is that?). When you love the way you look you'll exude confidence and can truly live without limits – in all areas of your life.

If you’re looking for a miracle pill or crash diet this program is not for you. Learn how to treat your body right with food, movement and body image that will allow you to lose weight in healthy ways that are truly sustainable.

Linda Vinecour, Health Coach, New York

I feel more fit and energetic than I have in nearly 20 years!

After these six weeks, I feel more fit and energetic than I have in nearly 20 years. I made a huge shift in my diet and eating patterns, feel infinitely better and LOVE my meals so much more than I did before!!!!! I am deeply grateful for Liz, this program, and all the delicious women in our group.

Linda Vinecour, Health Coach, New York

You might assume I've been slim all my life. Not quite...

Yep, that's what I looked like in my 20's. Just looking at this photo brings back how uncomfortable I felt in my body back then. Between eating a junk food vegetarian diet (I thought it was healthy!), a sedentary desk job and a bad beer habit, the pounds were piling on. Not only was I unhappy with how I looked, I just plain didn't feel good. I began dieting... tried all sorts of crazy diets and belonged to a gym - none of it worked. I couldn't lose weight and I felt awful.

Now that I’m in my mid-40's I no longer struggle with my weight. I’m in the best shape of my life and I can indulge when I want to (within reason of course). While I can't indulge in bread, cheese and beer every day like I used to, I've decided that feeling good is more important! I treat my body well and in return it treats me well. I feel good about myself, I look great in my clothes and best of all I feel fantastic and have tons of energy.

I went from a size 12 to a size 6 and maintain my size easily. I don’t own a scale… and I’m definitely not wasting my life counting calories or points. I'm having fun doing things that feel good and make my body feel good too. This is what I want for you as well.

Let's have fun, enjoy life and feel good!

It all starts with the food you put in your body.  Slim down with food that makes your body feel as delicious as it tastes. Get Fit moving your body in ways that are fun and make your body and mind feel great. Get that Sexy feeling back as you start feeling good about yourself. Make time for self-care so that you feel connected and in balance.

Lose weight without dieting and step off the scale once and for all.

Along with losing weight, you can also look forward to less cravings, more energy and feeling confident – no matter your size or age. You'll have the support, encouragement and motivation to make the changes you need to make and stick with them – for life.

Kathryn, Philadelphia PA

Lost 11 lbs, 2.75" off waist, 4” off hips 1.5" off arms (wow!)

Liz guides and supports you step by step. You will eat wonderful, satisfying meals and you will lose weight and feel better from the inside out! Don't let the "I’m too busy" excuse stop you! Her programs are totally doable. Liz gave me the tools to make permanent changes to my eating and personal habits and I've managed to move those pesky pounds!

Kathryn, Philadelphia PA

Unleash your Slim, Fit and Sexy is for you if you’re ready to…

- Release those excess 5-15 pounds naturally and easily.
- Supercharge your Energy and Productivity.
- Reduce cravings and rewire emotional eating patterns.
- Lower blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar.
- Look and feel Amazing.
- Create Healthy New Habits for Life

It’s not for you if…

- You’re looking for a miracle pill or crash diet.
- You want to count points or calories.
- You want to keep feeling bad about your body.
- You’re not willing (or ready!) to create change in your life.


Jill Wilkens, Westford, MA

Lost 30 pounds and 4.5" off hips (over 5 months)

I'm a 47 year old mother of two school-aged children. Since having children, I developed some terrible emotional eating and snacking habits and very slowly put on weight until I reached a point that I found frightening. In my entire life, I have never successfully intentionally lost weight... until now with Liz's Slim Fit and Sexy program. I lost about 18 pounds during the actual program. From the start of the program and including the three months following, I've lost almost 30 pounds and many inches, including 4.5 inches on my hips, 4 inches on my bust, and 2.5 inches around each thigh.

I'm well on my way to my weight loss goal, and, because of the tools and habits I've learned, confident that I will get there and stay there! In addition, I feel better all around. I am so much more aware of how unhealthy habits make me feel, which ultimately provides strong incentive to make healthy daily choices. I feel that under Liz's expertise, guidance, and support, my life has truly been changed for the better. I can't thank her enough.

Jill Wilkens, Westford, MA

Slim, Fit and Sexy - Your 5 Keys for Success:

  • Feed your Body - Food as Fuel

    Step-by-step ways to create healthier food habits that work with your lifestyle. Fuel your body with delicious whole foods that naturally reduce cravings and emotional eating. Learn how to eat in ways that allow some indulging (is life without chocolate really worth living?).

    Done for you Meal Plans, Recipes and Shopping Lists each week. Fun weekly Food Challenges that will inspire you as well as keep you on track.

  • Move your Body

    Daily movement that’s fun, feels good and doesn’t require the gym (unless that works for you!). Work daily movement into your day. Discover fun new workouts. Fun 10 minute fitness videos anyone can make time for.

    Weekly Fitness challenges to keep you accountable and motivated.

  • Sexy Body Image

    Start Loving the Body you’ve got – right now. Make friends with your body and love yourself up! Treat your Body like a Temple and your body will love you back.

    Pamper and nurture your Body to real Weight Loss.

  • Mindset Tools

    Less Stress = Less Cortisol = Less Bellyfat.

    Simple Stress Reduction tools which will change your Mood and your Weight. Mindset tools that will zap old patterns, habits and self-sabotage. Feel calmer and more balanced = less emotional eating.

  • Spring Detoxification and Intermittent Fasting.

    The power of Detoxification and Fasting as part of a healthy diet for weight loss and longevity. Start off with the 5 Day Spring Cleanse (it’s included!).

    Try Intermittent Fasting during the 6 week program with full guidance and support. Suggested meal plans and recipes for Intermittent Fast days included.

Katie Hazard, Project Manager

Wow, what an amazing program! I went from feeling sluggish & self-conscious to feeling healthy & ready to rock my bikini in just 6 weeks. Liz's knowledge and deep care really guided me through this process beautifully, and having the fantastic group support motivated me to eat well, move my body, and feel good about myself. Thank you!

Katie Hazard, Project Manager, Burning Man, San Francisco

Are you ready to get off the Diet roller coaster ride?

You’ve tried counting calories, points and how many different diets? You’ve lost the weight and put it back on. You’ve felt great and then gone back to feeling bloated, tired and uncomfortable.

Let’s work together to end the roller coaster ride for good.

Belinda, Architect, Cambridge, MA

I lost 18 lbs  2" off my waist and I’ve kept it off!

As a working mom I often put myself last, and as a result was not exercising enough, not sleeping enough, and making a lot of excuses. Before working with Liz and doing the Slim, Fit and Sexy Program, I felt like I ate pretty well. I knew I had sugar/carb/caffeine issues but apart from that felt like I was making good choices. I was wrong! After getting my cravings under control and eating the way that Liz recommended the weight started falling off. It was an amazing feeling to get control of my health and see changes so quickly—I had not expected the changes to happen so fast.

I’m pleased to say many of the SFS program elements are becoming true habits in my life: better meal planning, scheduling exercise (and actually following through), mindful food choices that work in my everyday life, and better self-care. Some unexpected side victories are fewer stomach aches, lower blood pressure (which had not been high), and increased energy. It feels great!

Belinda, Architect, Cambridge, MA

Yes, I'm in!
Tell me all the Details...

April 13 – May 28, 2017

(you'll really start with the Spring Cleanse April 3-7)

Weekly Content Calls* – Thursdays at 12pm ET / 9am PT

  • Weekly Group Content Calls

    Weekly calls are educational, encouraging and motivating. Plus opportunity for Q’s and coaching. Can’t make the calls? There’s no perfect time for everyone! Don’t worry – *All calls will be recorded, so if you have a conflict you can still participate. (Value – $597)

  • Weekly Workbooks

    Weekly workbooks with content, worksheets and action steps that will keep you on track. Plus! Done for you delicious recipes, shopping lists and meal plans so new healthy habits are easy. (Value – $127)

  • Fun Fitness and Yoga Library of Videos

    Fun fitness and yoga videos that you can do anywhere. No extra equipment or props needed. Geared for all levels. (Value – $47)

  • Online Private Facebook Forum

    Awesome community providing ongoing encouragement, motivation and support. No matter what’s got you stuck, the community and I are here to get you rolling again. (Value – $97)

  • Accountability Buddy

    Buddy to help you stay on track no matter what’s going on. Personal support system for when you need it – connect by email or phone. (Value – priceless!)

  • Slim, Fit and Sexy Content Page

    Slim, Fit and Sexy content page will support you and keep you organized throughout the program. Includes Weekly Content Call recordings, Yoga Videos, Guided Meditation, Fitness Videos, Slim Fit and Sexy playlist, Mindset tools + more. (Value – $97).

  • Weekly Challenges (w/prizes!)

    Weekly food and Fitness challenges that will help you incorporate new healthy habits. These challenges will be fun and keep you motivated (Prizes totaling $200)

Plus, Check out these Juicy Bonuses!

  • 5 Day Spring Cleanse (April 3-7)

    The 5 Day Spring Cleanse is included in this program! Start the program with an effective detox that will clear out the junk and start you off feeling fresh and healthy. (Value – $127)

  • Slim, Fit and Sexy Recipe Book

    At the end of the program you will receive the Slim, Fit and Sexy Recipe Book. All of the recipes from the program in one place for you to enjoy forever. (Value – $27)

  • Your very own Hula Hoop!

    Wake_The_Earth_2009_0222_copyYour very own adult-sized collapsible beginner Hula Hoop and get started beginner hooping video. Includes shipping within US. (Value $50)  

Questions (and Answers!)

  • q-iconCan't I just do this on my own?

    Of course you can… but how’s that working for you? Having the structure, guidance and support to make changes is invaluable. If you want the same results, keep doing what you’re doing. If you want different results, try doing things differently. Having support is crucial in making changes that stick.

  • q-iconIs 6 weeks enough time?

    Long-term change takes time. If you need to lose more than 15 pounds you’re going to need more than 6 weeks. This program will give you the tools and jumpstart you need. You’ll be set up for success – for the long term.

  • q-iconI’m not sure if I want to (or can!) Fast...

    Intermittent Fasting is optional. It’s not a complete fast either. Calories are reduced for 1-2 days a week. We’ll explore it together and find out whether it works for you. You don’t have to fast to get benefits from this program, but it is a very effective tool for losing weight (and keeping it off).

  • q-iconWhat if I can't make the weekly calls?

    Although I recommend making time in your schedule for the weekly calls (if you can!) they will all be recorded and available for download. You will also have the opportunity to submit Q’s for me to answer even if you’re not on the call.

  • q-iconWhat is my food philosophy?

    I believe that a whole foods plant-based diet with minimal amounts of processed food is a healthy diet for most people. Whether you’re omnivore, gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan this food plan will work for you. I believe in eating food that feels good for Your Body (’cause we’re all different!). I also believe in moderation (what’s life without chocolate?).

  • q-iconIs this a 6 Week Cleanse?

    The 6 week program includes the Spring Cleanse, but you will not be cleansing for 6 weeks! This program is not about deprivation and dieting. It is about making healthy changes to your lifestyle – in a way that will work for you long-term. 

  • q-iconCan I do this if I have a family?

    Yes, moms need this program more than anyone else (and lots of moms do this program)! When you’re super busy juggling a family and perhaps a career, learning how to prioritize and organize self-care is important. When momma’s happy, everyone benefits :).

  • q-iconIs this another Home Study program that I won't do?

    I don’t think so! Obviously, your success depends on what you put into the program. That said, I’ve designed this program to be very interactive. Weekly Food and Fitness challenges will keep you accountable. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how active and supportive this community is. I’m also always available to offer support and answer questions. We won’t let you down!

  • q-iconI'm not really a group person. Will this work for me?

    I find that many people who don’t like group programs are surprised by how much they like this one. Because it’s virtual, you get to decide when and how often you post and interact with the group. It’s a supportive and competition-free group. Everyone really roots for each-other to succeed!

    Of course, I do also offer 1-on-1 coaching programs (at a higher price point).

  • q-iconThis sounds amazing, but I don't have the money right now. Do you offer a payment plan?

    Paypal Credit is available at checkout. Paypal Credit gives you 6 months to pay at 0% interest.

Unleash your Slim, Fit and Sexy Self in 6 Weeks

It's Fun & it Works.

But don't just take my word for it...

Shawn, Dental Hygienist, Boston

Lost 36 pounds + 7" off her waist between October and May!

Hi! I'm Shawn. I’ve been cleansing with Liz for the past two years and completed two rounds of Slim, Fit and Sexy in 6 Weeks. I felt tired and weighed down before I started SFS. I was looking for something that would motivate me. I have to say the first time I did SFS I didn’t do as well because I wasn't serious about it. But when I saw how good I felt, I decided to do it again and this time the results were great. I had more energy, the recipes were great and I felt and looked less bloated. 

Between the cleanses and 6 Week programs, I lost 36 pounds between October and May. I'm happy to say I am maintaining very well!  Everyone who participated will tell you how serious I was about my food prep!! If you’re looking for a real change, I highly recommend working with Liz, she is absolutely amazing and the support is awesome!

Shawn, Dental Hygienist, Boston
Thea Izzi - Jewelry Designer and single parent; Cranston, RI

Lost 18 lbs, plus 4" off her waist!

Liz' SFS program went far beyond my expectations! I have participated in virtual group diet and wellness programs before and not had this level of success so I was skeptical at first. Liz proved to be a wonderful leader; compassionately supporting us through the calls and in the FB group and providing us with an amazing array of healthy recipes and eating guidelines in each of the weekly workbooks. The weekly incentives for setting and reaching fitness goals and using positive mindset tools were also really helpful and well thought out. As a result, our group showed a lot of support for each other through encouragement, accountability and sharing.

The best part is that I finished this program with a sense of accomplishment and a new set of tools and friends to help me as I continued on my weight loss journey. Since the program I kept working one on one with Liz and with continued support from a few other members and after 4 months lost a total of 18 pounds and 4 inches off my waist. Most of that came off during the program. I would highly recommend Liz to any person feeling stuck with whatever is not working for them now. You will lose weight and gain back your confidence and smile.

Thea Izzi - Jewelry Designer and single parent; Cranston, RI
Ann Smith, Holistic Health Counselor

Lost 22 pounds plus 4" off her waist!

These past few years have been hard. I struggled with infertility, saw a challenging job end, changed professions, started my own business, divorced, moved to a new town, hit menopause, felt the twinges of arthritis, experienced digestive changes and gained 15 lbs. I became increasingly tired of hiding my body!

As a result of the 6 Week Slim, Fit and Sexy program, I lost 22 lbs, 2” from my Bust, 3.5” from my Hips, 4” from my Waist, and 2” from my Thighs! Even I was amazed and thrilled with these results! Four months later, the weight has stayed off, despite eating what I want most of the time, including over the holidays and while traveling.

I feel better, I move better and I sleep better. I have control over my health in a way that I didn’t before. SFS works. I wholeheartedly recommend it for those who are ready!

Ann Smith, Holistic Health Counselor
Brit Saksvig

Lost 11 pounds and at least 2 inches in all areas.

I am so thankful I participated in Slim, Fit and Sexy in 6 Weeks after the Spring Cleanse. I was really in a rut in terms of my diet and exercise and I needed help. The Slim, Fit and Sexy program gave me that and more. I'm now eating greens, grains, and vegetables with every meal and am doing an activity everyday. And while I was very skeptical of the hoop, I now love it and get at least 10 minutes in every day if not more.

I've lost 11 pounds and at least 2 inches in all areas. I never thought I would be able to accomplish that in a 6 week program. The daily support and feedback that Liz and Ann provided plus the support from all the participants really made a difference. I highly recommend Liz Vequist!

Brit Saksvig
Nicole, freelance musician, producer, and tarot instructor, North Andover, MA

Lost 9 lbs, 1.5" off waist and down a pants size

The most valuable lesson I gained from The Slim, Fit, and Sexy in 6 Weeks program is how to be flexible and adapt my fitness and nutrition goals around whichever crazy situations inevitably arise in life. I noticed just how quickly I am willing to drop my personal goals to respond to a crisis or to help others, and learned how to incorporate self-care as part of the tech on the battlefield, which is what makes the difference in the long term. Even a 10 minute dance party in the kitchen while a toddler climbs on you counts towards progress on some days!

Over the six weeks, I lost 9 pounds, 1.5 inches off my waist, 1 inch off my thighs, and have gone down a pants size. Other notable changes are reduced water retention, a marked improvement in the condition of my skin and hair, increased energy/stamina, greater physical strength, especially in my legs, and better posture.

Beyond all the tangible physical results, Liz's program upped my healthy, holistic culinary skills to the max!

Nicole, freelance musician, producer, and tarot instructor, North Andover, MA

Unleash Your Slim, Fit & Sexy Self Begins April 13.

The 5 Day Spring Cleanse Starts April 3
(it's included!).

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Satisfaction Guaranteed...

If you commit and participate fully in the whole program, attend every weekly call plus complete all the action steps and challenges and you do not feel like you received the full value of your investment, I will happily refund your money (minus a $50 materials fee).

This guarantee expires at midnight on May 28, 2017.

Liz VequistAbout  Liz Vequist

Liz loves helping women (and a few special men) look and feel their best through Seasonal Cleansing and her Slim, Fit and Sexy Holistic Weight Loss programs. Liz has been in the health and wellness field for over 13 years and has founded three wellness businesses in the Boston area.

Liz's current business is Liz Vequist @ O2 Yoga in Cambridge. Liz's former businesses are Watertown Holistic Health and Harvard Square Shiatsu. In her spare time Liz hoops, cycles, swims and is a foodie – both in and out of her own kitchen.

Have questions? Want to know whether this program is right for you? Let's talk! 617-216-9815. 

Want to know more about Liz? Click here: About Liz Vequist

Beth, Innkeeper & Restauranteur on Cape Cod

Liz is a true healer with a huge heart. She embraces the group with a powerful loving energy, and gently guides participants to success. I am grateful that I met Liz, and amazed at how much I feel I have gotten to know her...entirely online!

I was skeptical about connecting virtually, but Liz has found efficient work-arounds using the phone, Facebook and email so that by the end of your time with her, you are wondering how you will survive without her! In addition, she is confident with her material and guidance because it works. I am in a much better place both physically and emotionally than when I started, and it's thanks to Liz. Great program, I will do it again.

Beth, Innkeeper & Restauranteur on Cape Cod